Bolivian Football Federation
Association crest
Founded 1925
FIFA affiliation 1926
CONMEBOL affiliation 1926
President Carlos Chavez

The Bolivian Football Federation (Spanish: Federación Boliviana de Fútbol, locally: [feðeɾaˈsjon boliˈβjana ðe ˈfutβol] or FBF) is the governing body of football in Bolivia. It was founded in 1925, making it the eighth oldest South American federation. It affiliated to CONMEBOL and FIFA in 1926 and is in charge of Bolivia national football team.

The FBF is the federation of two entities:

  • Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano (Bolivian Professional Football League): comprises the 12 professional football teams in the first division.
  • Asociación de Fútbol Nacional (ANF) (National Football Association): 9 departmental football associations, one from each of Bolivia’s nine departments.


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